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There are many types of obesity. Many people suffer from obesity in the belly, face, breast, bust, thigh or shin. In particular, the obesity in thigh and shin are very unique since the other parts except thigh and shin are very slim. In general, the obesity in the underbelly can be easily found for those who sit long and walk lessss. However, some people can have obesity in underbelly even though they doní»t sit long, which often results from problems with the spins and pelvis. There are close relations between the spine and pelvis. If the spine is normal, so is the pelvis. If the spine gets slanted sideways, it can lead to scoliosis. However, the spine gets straight or extremely curved, which have a great deal of influence on the pelvis as ití»s connected with the spine. The pelvis might be twisted to one side, raised in front or distorted. Naturally, the position of the coax in the thigh gets affected. When the pelvis gets twisted, it affects the length of the legs. When the pelvis gets lifted or flattened out, the coax around the thigh moves in front or back. The wider one side of the thigh gets, the narrower the other side gets. Furthermore, the pressure is only placed on the muscle on one side, which makes the muscle on the other side loose and results in obesity, Obesity in the thigh areas differs depending on areas. As for the obesity in the shin, the muscle in the shin increases or the obesity on the shin gets worse when the balance of the spine and the pelvis is broken. Therefore, if you caní»t find a solution for the obesity in the lower part of the body, you should consider whether there is something wrong with your spine and pelvis. If there is a problem with the spine and the pelvis, you should first get medical treatment for the obesity in the lower part of the body. Having a proper posture is also another treatment for this. You should be noted that the pressure is placed on the different part of the muscle depending on the height of the shoes.