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It is dangerous to put your wallet in the back pocket. Men usually put their wallet in the back pocket. However, it is not known that this can lead to backache. When you sit down with your wallet on the back pocket, the pelvis on the wallet is pushed forward and the wallet is pressed on the downside of the hip, which widens the upper side of the pelvis. This is called Forward and Back Dislocation. The leg on the dislocated pelvis gets shorter. Therefore, it is important not to put your wallet in the back pocket when you sit long. Only one out of 1,000 has the pelvis in a completely normal condition by nature or by acquisition. The dislocated pelvis can cause poor circulation, menstrual pain, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycle, and stomach ache. It is important to make a proper habit in daily life like abdominal breathing with the underbelly contracted, moving as much as possible while watching TV, and restraining standing with one side leg weighed or sitting with your legs crossed.