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It was reported by German Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper on the 24th that the pelvis exercise is more effective than Viagra. Professor Frank Sommer at Koeln University published a report in the European Gynecology Academic Journal that 80% of impotents succeeded in erection because the blood inflow to the Corpus cavernosum is improved after the pelvic exercise. Professor Sommer said that pelvis exercise not only solved but also prevented erectile problems because the pelvis exercise stimulate circulation of the body and blood freely inflows to the corpus spongiosum.. Professor Sommer classified 120 impotents in to three groups. First group did pelvis exercise, second group were given Viagra on a case-by-case basis, and the third was given a placebo. The success rate for the group that took Viagra was 74%. There was 18% success rate for the group that was given placebos, which is normal í░expectation effect.í▒ Professor Sommer added that 19 out of 100 have erectile problems, which is as common as coronary heart problems.