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Pelvis Exercise 1. Pelvis Exercise
The pelvis can be said as the axis of our body that supports the two legs below it. Improper posture and life habits make it widen and twisted, causing all internal organs to go out of the place from their proper place.
It can lead to many diseases, including pain in the lower back, sciatica, shoulder pain, indigestion, and urinary incontinence.
This product is an exercise device that strengthens the muscles by repeating the action of pushing the twisted pelvis to its proper place using air pressure.

Far infrared lamp (The ceramics ball) 2. Far infrared lamp (The ceramics ball)
Far infrared lamp (The ceramics ball) effect has the far infrared ray which is radiated by the yellow soil to penetrate deep into our body through the anus. The effect is widely verified to dissolve heavy metals and waste matter, preventing obesity in the abdominal region and adult diseases.
Vibration in the perineum 3. Vibration in the perineum
This massage product heats and massages the perineum, and by exercising the sphincter, it improves hemorrhoid, prostate and urinary incontinence.
Normal urinary control is possible only when the bladder and sphincter reflex and contract properly. This tightens the opening of the bladder, thus preventing the urine from leaking.
If the urethra sphincter becomes weak, then urine leaks out regardless of one's intention. For men, especially, if the urethra sphincter weakens, it can directly or indirectly lead to sexual dysfunction. Clinical trials have shown that far infrared lamp and massaging the perineum can improve these symptoms. Perineum exercise is absolutely needed for both men and women